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Cleaning work is generally done under enormous time pressure and is strenuous and laborious. 40% of all employees in the cleaning industry complain about back and neck pains*. The causes for this are frequently bending down, carrying heavy buckets, and the ergonomics of standard cleaning tools. Time off is the result. With UNGER erGO! clean users are cleaning more ergonomically than every before. Time off is reduced to a minimum.

Dirt and contamination ca be quickly caused by minor mishaps in day-to-day business life. A drink split on the floor does not create a good impression and, in the worst-case scenario, if someone stands in it, it may well be spread elsewhere. Precious time passes before the staff can get their cleaning tools together and be on-site. Customer satisfaction decreased and risk potential arise. With UNGER erGO! clean users are cleaning faster and more efficiently, without any lengthy preparations.

UNGER erGO! clean: ultra-fast, ergonomic and professional.

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Traditional cleaning systems often lead to the backs, shoulders and joints of cleaners being put under extreme strain.

The ergonomic erGO! clean floor cleaning system, reduces the load placed upon backs, shoulders and joints.

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